Crocoblock plugin FAQs

Having a hard time understanding how certain crocoblock plugins and widgets work? You are not alone. Below you can find some common issues that a lot of people are having. There are several blogs and videos out there with the solution, but I decided to put together a list of issues that I have had and if this can help you, that makes me happy!

Please do NOT take this as an official solution, I am in NO way affiliated with any of these plugins. If you have any issues that are not in my list or have a better solution to a problem, please feel free to contact me.

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Are you a CROCOLOVER and want/need to know all their Macros? here they are:
%related_children_from|post-type-slug% - %related_parents_from|post-type-slug% - %current_id% - %s - %name% - %media1|img_url_by_id% - %gallery1|img_gallery_grid% - %link|post_url_by_id% - %current_categories% - %current_tags% - %current_terms% - %queried_term% - %date|format_date% - %date_meta|format_date% or %date_meta|format_date(F j, Y)% - %title% - %field_value% - %current_meta% - %current_meta_string% - %related_children_between% - %author_id% - %queried_user_id% - %get_grandparent% - %get_grandchild% -
Do you want your meta fields text to show up on your search results with WordPress default search? then you have to add some php to your functions.php. See the snippet below:
have a template and want to show other posts of the current author (user) .. without using the relationships? add your listing grid widget, post queries, post & authors, down below in post by author choose "specific author id" then in the author id= author meta , key = id
Are you having problems to add a link to your media file in a listing or template? At the moment this only works for repeater fields.. add a "dynamic repeater" widget and choose your source, then add this to the item format: %media-name% NOTE: there is NO " after the href=
Are you creating an archive template for your taxonomies and have the same taxonomies in several CPTs? Want to have your archive template with seperate sections for each CPT? listing grid, select listing, No archive, post query=tax query, choose your taxonomy, operator=IN, field=term ID, terms=%queried_term%
How to insert related posts in your templates String: %related_parents_from|YOUR-CPT-SLUG% or %related_CHILDREN_from|YOUR-CPT-SLUG%
Want to show your cpts based on a date field that you have inserted? after you have created the meta fields in your cpt with date type and flag on the "save as timestamp" In the listing widget -> post querty -> meta query -> insert your meta field slug -> operator: between -> value: "today, first day of next month" and change the "Type" down below to date
Want to give your client the possibility to create/edit a woocommerce product but don't know how to add/change the price? add text fields to your form and link to meta: "_regular_price" and "_sale_price"
Have you setup an email to be sent you either the admin or the client and noticed that the email is spitting our IDs instead of the actual names? try inserting this in the email : %YOUR_MACRO|post_title_by_id%
Are you one of many that think that JetSmartFilters are really great but don't look nice on mobile and wish there was a mobile friendly version? Until they add this to their plugins, there is a work around. Create a template with your filters, then add your prefered widget to your page, add the template shortcode within. this can be done with: accordion, toggle or dropbox. It can also be done with popups. Read the post to find out how.
have you created a listing and have noticed that the boxes have different heights due to the title or excerpt having different quantity of text. It looks ugly even though you toggle on the "equal height" on the listing widget. here is a simple workaround: Give your listing column a min height, align your contente to the top, give your title widget a min height of at least 2 lines, add css to your button to pin it to the bottom
Create a section template in Elementor, add your filter/s to this template, save, exit and copy the template shortcode head over to your page / template and add your desired widget and then past the shortcode in the content area
Want to add a title to the listing grid widget? here is a simple css : .jet-listing-grid.jet-listing::before { content: "PUT YOUR TITLEHERE"; }

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