Add title to Crocoblock Listing Grid

Short Answer
Want to add a title to the listing grid widget? here is a simple css : .jet-listing-grid.jet-listing::before { content: “PUT YOUR TITLEHERE”; }

I was going crazy trying to hide a title widget IF the listing widget was empty.. I asked around and no one seemed to understand me or have a solution .. AND THEEENNnnnnnnn.. along came Omri Tamir from O.T.W and gave me the simplest solution:

.jet-listing-grid.jet-listing::before {
content: “Dessert”;
font-size: 40px;


I didn’t know that we could add “content” to a CSS code..

Of course then you need to style this title with CSS too as there are not options for this… but it’s an easy fix until crocoblock adds this feature to there plugin ;)


Big thanks to Omri



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