Crocoblock Filters on Mobile are ugly

Short Answer
Are you one of many that think that JetSmartFilters are really great but don’t look nice on mobile and wish there was a mobile friendly version? Until they add this to their plugins, there is a work around. Create a template with your filters, then add your prefered widget to your page, add the template shortcode within. this can be done with: accordion, toggle or dropbox. It can also be done with popups. Read the post to find out how.

This question has come up around 50 times in the last 2 months.

Yes we agree that the filters don’t look nice on the mobile version of your web site. They don’t offer an official method to do this yet. But there are some work arounds.


a. Hide the filters on the page on mobile version (widget advanced options, responsive, toggle off mobile)

b. Create Elementor Pro Templates with your filters in it

c. add your favourite widget to your page, and in the “text” area, add the template shortcode

d. Hide your newly created widget on desktop and tablet

the 2nd way you can achive a nice filter option is with crockblocks popups. The reason why this works with Crocoblock’s Popups and not Elementor’s is because Crocoblock added an option to their popup “load with Ajax” and “load everytime” .. this means that you can create a popup with all your filters, hit the load with ajax and then on your page, add a “filter” icon (or what ever you prefer) and in the widget advanced options you can find crocoblock popup, there you tell it what popup to open and voila ;)


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