Show other cpt listings of current author

Short Answer
have a template and want to show other posts of the current author (user) .. without using the relationships? add your listing grid widget, post queries, post & authors, down below in post by author choose “specific author id” then in the author id= author meta , key = id

Do you have an “authors” page and want to show all his posts? Don’t want to create relationships because this means you would have to “link” them every time you create a new post?

It’s pretty simple (as always once you know what to do) ;)

On your Authors Page:

  • add a listing grid widget
  • fetch your listing
  • head over to the Post Query Tab
  • choose type: Post & Author Parameters
  • In the “
  • in the box just below, choose Author Meta
  • click on the little tool icon and add “id” in the Meta Key box

Voila ;)


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