Crocoblock Forms Titles in Emails

Short Answer
Have you setup an email to be sent you either the admin or the client and noticed that the email is spitting our IDs instead of the actual names? try inserting this in the email : %YOUR_MACRO|post_title_by_id%

After trying out Jet Appointments and Jet Booking or their forms in general, i quickly saw the potential in these plugins.

I noticed though that when I set up email to be sent out after the form submission, I was receiving the IDs instead of the actual post names and this of course is annoying as an Administrator and totaly useless for the clients.

Here is the solution to this problem:

%YOUR_MACRO|post_title_by_id%, example: %provider_id|post_title_by_id% or %post_id|post_title_by_id%


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