My name is Benoit Bersier but they call me Benny

I have always loved technology. Friends collected stickers and Playmobile, I filled my room with computers, telephones, hi-fi, hardware and software.

At age 12 I made my first computer by assembling recovered components. I consider it my first job.

Since then, a bit for work but above all for passion, I have always documented and updated myself, managing to develop a series of skills that allow me to make technical-IT consultancy to individuals and companies.

And then the turning point, which occurred about 10 years ago.

I downloaded WordPress for fun, and was so fascinated by its creative potential that I decide that it will be my way.

The opportunity to give vent to my creativity, supported by my technical knowledge, convince me of the possibility of carving out a space in the Web Designer market, convinced of being able to help companies, artisans, shops to be present but above all to be an active part in the world of the WEB, with all the benefits that derive from it.

Wordpress is a very intuitive tool, easy to use for any type of user, it allows you to keep your web site pages and blogs updated in a few simple steps. Knowing how to keep your profile up to date means, among other things, being independent of other figures and saving on management costs.

In fact, I think it is not enough to just have a digital profile to expand your network, but that the fundamental point is to keep it active and updated.

Ultimately, my purpose is not only to create a site that represents you but, above all, to give you all the necessary tools to be able to run it independently.

I select my customers so that I can give the best possible service, reducing the time of assistance and delivery.

Don’t hesitate to write me if you wish to receive any further information.



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