Freelance Web Design


Hi, I'm Benny, a Freelance Web Designer.

Are you an agency and might be interested in a project collaboration?

I am available both for project work and for any customized agreements (e.g. hours per week)

By collaborating with me you will have:

  • professionalism
  • punctuality
  • trust
  • dynamic projects
  • assistance post delivery
  • no hiring or bureaucratic problems

I have basic knowledge of On Page SEO and all my projects are SEO friendly.


Here you can see some projects I have developed.

Checking the various demos , you will also notice that they all have an above average score on and on these I haven't worked much on optimization.

I have been involved in web design for about 5 years, but for approx. one year I started studying and discovering the different methods for the creation of professional sites.

I chose WordPress as I think it has the right balance between simplicity and creative freedom for creating complex and dynamic sites.

I don't work with pre-made templates as I find that in the long run it can give more problems than advantages.

I take inspiration from the major portals in the sector and from the customer's indications and then create the site from scratch: with site builder and a few plugins I get a clean, fast and functional result.


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