Having a hard time understanding how certain plugins and widgets work? You are not alone. Below you can find some common issues that a lot of people are having. There are several blogs and videos out there with the solution, but I decided to put together a list of issues that I have had and if this can help you, that makes me happy! Please do NOT take this as an official solution, I am in NO way affiliated with any of these plugins. If you have any issues that are not in my list or have a better solution to a problem, please feel free to contact me.

Short Solution
Are you a CROCOLOVER and want/need to know all their Macros? here they are:
%related_children_from|post-type-slug% - %related_parents_from|post-type-slug% - %current_id% - %s - %name% - %media1|img_url_by_id% - %gallery1|img_gallery_grid% - %link|post_url_by_id% - %current_categories% - %current_tags% - %current_terms% - %queried_term% - %date|format_date% - %date_meta|format_date% or %date_meta|format_date(F j, Y)% - %title% - %field_value% - %current_meta% - %current_meta_string% - %related_children_between% - %author_id% - %queried_user_id% - %get_grandparent% - %get_grandchild% -
Have you setup an email to be sent you either the admin or the client and noticed that the email is spitting our IDs instead of the actual names? try inserting this in the email : %YOUR_MACRO|post_title_by_id%

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